Methode Interactive Vehicle

Methode, designs, engineers and manufactures a number of custom products for the automotive industry. To showcase their latest technology in lighting, the company approached Blaze to produce a fully interactive 3D experience to showcase their design and engineering capabilities. Blaze designed the vehicle and engineered the whole experience from the ground up.

ClientMethode ElectronicsServicesDesign & Build of a 3D Interactive ExperienceYear2021Link

3D Renditions

Headlights, sidelights, fairing lights, roof markers and all the interior lighting were incorporated into the 3D model. The vehicle was originally modelled in Maya using the concept-art produced as references and then textured and lit. The 3D model served for both the short introductory video and an optimised version of it was used inside the authoring application for additional functionality. Lighting components were modelled to accommodate exploded views so that users are able to examine the various components of the element from different angles.

Intro Video

Concept Art

The first challenge was designing the vehicle itself. To avoid any particular branded trucks, the team decided to design an original vehicle. The initial process was a demanding one that involved many hours of research, sketching and numerous iterations were conducted to ensure that the truck design not only looked good but followed the standards of Class-8 trucks in the market. It also needed to look and feel like a production-ready truck model that was aimed to be released in a couple of years and not a fictitious concept truck of the next decade. This was an intentional design criterion set forth to appeal to the client’s audience.

Interior Planning

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