The incredible journey starts from a basic narrative. Then it takes life and hallmarks the characteristics of the game.

We love the process and have acquired invaluable experience in both the artistic, technical and functional aspect of each component. Each piece of inventory that we design and build, is fabricated to provide substance to the game narrative to support the vision planned for the ultimate game experience. We have a knack for creating all the thrilling moments of the game using mindfully crafted animations using any type of technical delivery requirements such as skeletal or sprite format.

We can assist you with all types and styles of game inventory be it in 2D or 3D or a combination of both. From concept art to designing complex characters and scenes, we have you covered across the entire development pipeline.

Concept art
Wireframes and mockups
Game assets
Scenes and environments
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Character development

Characters come to life before any keyframes are applied

Inspiration can come from anywhere!  Typically, the key characteristics are originated from the looks or behaviour of a neighbour, a friend, a pet or a recent acquaintance. Character mannerisms sometimes evolve unconsciously mirroring our own behaviour then, facial features, gestures and form are exaggerated purposely to play more emphasis in the characterisation process with the purpose of either adding humour, a special ability or a particular amplification of an oddity.
Characters come in all genres, styles, shapes and sizes and each one is designed with a specific purpose. Blaze, has been designing and developing characters for games, promotional material and brands for over two decades, working across a myriad of styles and techniques along the way. The magic then starts when characters are brought to life using either keyframe animation, squash and stretch techniques, skeletal or in some other cases using the more traditional onion skin techniques.

So, the next time you dream of a character for your game, your product or perhaps you want to clone your good self in the virtual form, then you know what to do!

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On your marks set key and go!

Animation and the art of things in motion are at the heart of every project. From building characters to environments, technical apparatus or anything else you can imagine, we’ve built it and brought to life any many fascinating ways. Our 3D studio is equipped with the very best tools and craftsman helping you achieve anything you thought was impossible. Blaze is probably one of the only Maltese companies that have specialised in Animation and with over 20 years experience in this field, consistently outperforming its technical and creative abilities in this field.

2D Animation
3D Animation
Texturing & Lighting
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