Christopher Pace

Nurture change and creativity will flourish

Chris founded Blaze in 1998 in a time when digital transformation was at the brink of change. Everything was new then as is now. Chris is an avid believer of innovation. He believes that constant challenge creates a positive vibe amongst the team and helps nurture the motivational spirit that is reflected in the quality of the work.

Constant change is an energy that fuels a creative pulse in the company. Every project needs to be different and better than our last project!

  • Business Developer
  • Art Director
  • Game Producer
  • User Experience

Having been involved in many roles within the business, Chris’s skills are a culmination of years of experience in the creative, technical, artistic and marketing disciplines.  His passion for technology plays an important role in promoting advanced techniques in every process of the production and development pipeline.  His cinematographic and design roots regularly contribute towards the conceptual and story telling execution. His experience in many processes together with his comprehensive business and entrepreneurial qualities combined, offer an outstanding and complete service to Blaze’s clients.  Moreover, his ability to analyse and strategise holistically across the marketing spectrum, have also given him the ability to apply creative solutions more effectively in several sectors.

Chris has a passion for many things work related and not.  His inspiration stems primarily from his love of knowledge in general and wanting to indulge in the nitty gritty of how things work. His guilty pleasure is technology in its vasted term.  Early experimentations started as early as 1992 when he was employeed with JPA, a marketing agency.  Since then, he has dabbled with numerous Creative Software, Cameras, Edit Suites, Saas Solutions, Bots, Databases, Collaborative Tools,  Project Management Tools, Business Analytics, Data Warehousing Solutions , Human Resource Tools and an embarrasing amount of Social Media Technologies. This has given him insight into many aspects of the business most specially concepts of user experience and design principles and the methodologies applied to the different sectors. Chris believes that understanding technology helps him become more creative in ways that are not limited only to functionality but extend themselves to better understand people or rather humans. Designing ideas for human centricity is the subject that has continously intrigued Chris.

On a different planet, wearing a different hat altogether (literally), Chris also enjoys another extreme. He loves fishing at very odd hours of the night. He admits that it may seem strange for many but he claims that it’s the time when the dead silence helps him think and reflect. On the odd day when luck strikes the golden buzzer, he typically cooks the catch of the night, the next day.  Chris is also a big fanatic of gastronomy. From a very young age, he has been fond of food and the making experimenting with all sorts of different ingredients.  He states that if he hadn’t followed what he does today, he’d probably be toiling in a restaurant kitchen serving creativity in another form. Having not chosen the culinary root, he finds cooking a therapeutic and relaxing pastime that also revitalises his vigour for the next idea.

Ivan Saliba

Handcraftedwith passion

Ivan is one of the longest standing veterans and major contributors to Blaze’s success. His creative ability combined with his technical skill enable him to be involved in many roles of the production pipeline. His placid character and hard-working amplitude are key contributors to the motivational and inspirational ambience created amongst the team. With two decades of experience under his belt, Ivan is still an eager beaver to conquer and learn new techniques and explore new ways and means of delivering excellence.

The creative train never stops. From time to time, you stop to visit the odd station but the journey continues allowing you to explore new avenues, new ideas and new inspiration. The creative scenery is spectacular and I am still enjoying the ride!

  • Creative Director
  • Concept Artist
  • Texture Artist
  • 3D Lighting Artist
  • Animation Supervisor
  • Game Designer

Ivan’s skills are diverse reaching very high standards in each discipline he masters. Besides being one of the leading local talents in 3D, Ivan brings the whole package into the scene with a long list of attributes that sometimes seem humanly impossible.  He has been self-groomed in an environment that allowed him to explore cinematography, photography, graphic design and the application of various art forms on numerous projects at Blaze. He slices through technical challenges like a knife through butter. His artistic flare is impeccable and is reflective in his creative performance on every assignment be it in 2D, in 3D or a concoction of other disciplines. Ivan is the keystone in the team who helps make things happen efficiently.

Behind a vast collection of retro lenses is Ivan’s eye trying to capture the next scene in a variety of subjects.  Ivan is not only intrigued by the principles and application of photography but is also obsessed with the exploration of light and how it effectively can shape mood, texture and composition. To satisfy his experimental photography and videography, Ivan will frequently rummage through eBay deals in search for his next optical gear so much so that we started calling him ‘The Pay Pal’.

Ivan also enjoys travelling and is evidently influenced by the diversity of world cuisines, as he also enjoys eating and cooking various dishes from around the world.  Fortunately for the rest of the team, they often get to savour his experimental produce that typically happens during lunch-time at the office.

Ivan is a father of two and while it is a challenging task as a parent, he manages to juggle and fuse his passion even with his children as they very often become the main subjects of his photographic experiments.

Between the glorious moments of parenthood and the split seconds behind the eyepiece of his camera, Ivan is also a person who loves sharing ideas, sharing discoveries and a single malt to celebrate the small successes of each day with his teammates.

Daniel Spagnol

Time is the only limitation

Daniel is like a human sponge and of course not in the literal sense. He’s the type who can absorb and master anything technical in record time. His drive and experience in 3D reaches new heights everyday as he explores new techniques, new software and new methods.  He has a knack for converting acquired knowledge into technical solutions on every project he is entrusted with. Daniel is Blaze’s technical guru and he will leave no stone unturned before he satisfies his quench to conquer any challenges be it technical, creative or a combination of both.

There’s always another level somewhere out there. Be it a new technique, a new piece of software or somebody else’s work.  Everyone’s trying to solve problems and do something different all the time. It can be overwhelming at times but this is what really triggers my motivation.

  • 3D Generalist
  • Photogrammetry Specialist
  • Rigger
  • Animator
  • Interactive Designer
  • Game Designer

Daniel has earned an admirable list of diverse skills in 3D and more recently, he focused specifically taking rigging and animation techniques to a new level. His persistence and level of commitment to excel then prevail are reminiscent to his disposition to face new challenges with open arms and not retreat from steep climbs. Daniel’s self-learned knoweledge in scripting languages extend his capabilities to new heights allowing him to deliver processes more efficiently and effectively. He is Blaze’s go-to talent when it comes to the more technically crtitical requirements of a project.

A big influence on Daniel’s technical and design qualities are his diverse interests in digital arts to the complex making of movies and the industry in general. His acumen for detail coupled with his observational qualities have become equally a passion as they are a hobby. His design background root his interest in other areas such as photography and whilst he does snap some impressive shots, he is also intrigued by the arduous technicalities behind the skill which he tends to master in a flash.

He also enjoys cooking and experimenting with different dishes – a passion he inherited from the influence of his teamates.

Notwithstanding his full schedule, he still manages to fit in some cycling, physical training and also kayaking.

Daniel is a born creative with combined interests in design, art, technology and surprisingly also birds more specifically parrots. He finds his parrot pet very amusing and to keep everything in the context of his other technical passions, he named her Poly Gone!

Sirach Borg

Not all pencils have lead

Sirach is the youngest member of the squad but still bears a wealth of experience in many roles within the team. From a young and tender age, he has always been fascinated by the techniques used in producing the simplest of cartoons and animated movies. Sirach has an ability which is not commonly found in an artist.  He can switch from one style into another as though a new artist has stepped in. This ability naturally gives Blaze the diversity of styles that is clearly evident in our portfolio of works.

  • 2D Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • 3D Modeller
  • UV Mapper
  • Texture Artist
  • Game Designer

Sirach is the owner of the white canvas. His early strokes and sketches start to define the ideas when they are in their most embryonic stage. He applies many traditional drawing techniques to modern digital tablet technology and fast forward through ample design research and many hours of manual strokes and paint buckets, he unveils his digital canvas with awe. Sirach is also a meticulous 3D modeller and ensures that every build is perfect and well optimised for the next process where textures come to play.  Frequently, such textures also require the Sirach’s gifted hand to physically apply hand-drawn textures for a more stylised finish. Sirach is well-organised and a perfectionist in his work. Every crevice and every polygon of the mesh he builds in 3D is crafted with unmitigated precision, a much-appreciated attribute that makes the job of the next in line so much easier!

Sirach’s enthusiasm for art doesn’t come to a standstill at his digital workstation. His love for design, illustration and sculpting is also practiced as a hobby using raw materials such as wood, paint, stone and clay.  His pass time experiments are often linked to interiors or art pieces that are both spectacular as they are unique. The physical hand-crafting and experience gained using real textures and materials are also evident in Sirach’s digital work. When the paints are dry and the artistic muse is temporarily parked, Sirach also enjoys adventurous trips either trekking or kayaking along the local coastlines and commonplace in his inventory during such trips is always his camera bag. Sirach also enjoys videography and photography and he indeed has a natural eye for it too. On days when work or adventure are not on his calendar, he will gladly immerse himself into a drawing frenzy sketching his next concept sportscar…another passion of his that accelerates his drive for art.