About us

“The environment intrinsically fosters a culture of creative thinking continuous learning and problem-solving tactics that are rare to find.

Itis why the ordinary project becomes an extraordinary achievement for our clients helping them reach groundbreaking success in their respective markets”

Who we are

Blaze is a small team that can provide a suite of comprehensive skills to any type of project. The company serves multiple sectors and while its core competencies lie mainly in providing rich visual experiences and high-end content, it indeed has a solid background in understanding the functional side of the business. For over two decades, it has provided a bespoke service in sectors relating to gaming, branding, digital content delivery, interactive media, web technologies and user experience.
The team prides itself in being able to zoom out and analyse things in a different light and deliver effective content that works be it a design for a game, a promotional video, an interactive experience.

Our value proposition

The company will continue pursuing its mission to be a game-changer, a trendsetter and a disrupter in its field by preserving the core essence of hard work, a passionate workforce and a pleasant culture.

We aspire to grow and keep delivering a work experience that is not only professional but equally exciting and fun for both colleagues and customers alike.
We believe in fostering positive change and implementing new creative strategies for our clients, our partners and future prospects in the creative field of gaming and immersive media.

Blaze was founded by Christopher Pace twenty years ago as an audiovisual business unit within a marketing agency. It was a transient time for analogue’s last breath and the industry’s transformation into digital was still at its very embryonic stage. From the very early years, Blaze harnessed the new technologies available at the time and boldly ventured into the digital world of non-linear digital systems, early versions of 3D applications and motion graphics tools with success,  earning a solid reputation for its gallantry entry into the market, the avant-garde style of its work, its technical abilities and particularly for its resonance in innovation.

Following the years, the company worked on numerous commercials, documentaries and on-air broadcast graphics and accomplished positive outcomes from crafting and amalgamating the cinematographic experience with animation and a myriad of visual effects for which it had become well known for.

The last six years however have seen the company diversify into the gaming market in which it has also left a mark for reliability, efficiency and quality.

The increasing popularity in general gaming is also rapidly becoming an obvious choice for new specialisations,  roots of which trail back to the earlier years during which various gaming projects and interactive authoring applications were already being produced and implemented by Blaze notwithstanding the technology limitations of the recent past.

Our Services

We offer a number of multiskilled services that can suit your needs. If you’re a casino operator, a game developer, a product owner or a platform provider, we can assist you throughout any phase of the production pipeline and help you devise the right content strategy for your product or brand.

Speak with us and tell us a bit more about your project and discover how we can help you reach your goals more efficiently.

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