Fish Hunter

Fish Hunter is a game by Amazing Gaming that combines the logic of a slot delivered in an RPG-style game. The objective was to revitalise the Fish Hunter brand with a new look and feel and produce a portfolio of new rich media content that was used for promotional purposes. The project involved the design of new characters, creating an interesting captivating story and producing a forty-second animation set in a coral reef. The animation was released during the gaming conference at ICE in London on the 6th February 2018. Other content included posters, banners and a large virtual aquarium with an 8k video that was installed at ICE on the client’s stand.

ClientAmazing GamingServicesCharacter Design, Character Animation, Product Branding, Casino BrandingYear2018

Promotional Video

Character Design

A look into some of the fish characters created for the animation

He's the prince of the ocean with plenty of attitude. He's rough and he's tough but he isn't invincible!

The Hammerhead


He's as cool as it gets. Don't underestimate his calm nature as danger lurks in his venomous dorsal fin!

The Lionfish


Our happy go lucky Clownfish is the jolliest of the coral reef. He's small, nimble and an pro in hide and seek!

The Clownfish


She's in love and found her soulmate. It's mating season and she's looking for the right spot to spawn her young butterflies!

The Butterfly Fish


She glides through the ocean quietly but she is not that easy to capture. She is well armed swims skillfully and can easily deviate your aim!

The Turtle


Full character design of a turtle for the Amazing Gaming Fish Hunter game promotional video

Meet our puffer. She's cute at first sight but a threat when she blows up. Watch out because the slightest sting can send you bloating!

The Pufferfish


Probably the fastest fish in the reef but there are so many of them, you are bound to strike one easily!

The Surgeon Fish


The ultimate sea creature that rules the ocean awaits you. Blow him up and your rewards are far greater than you can imagine!

The Dragon



Explore some underwater scenes from Fish Hunter

The Making

Building & Rigging the fish

From concept to 3D modelling, texturing, lighting, rigging and animation, each fish was built and rigged individually to be maneuvered in line with its typical behaviour of its corresponding species. To further enhance the cartoon and stylised feel we wanted to achieve, the build was designed to have a high level of control over exaggerated movements and extended elasticity of the model. Similarly, a complex rig was also applied to the facial structure of each fish to preserve full control of personified expressions. The build of each model and environment was then used for various scenes in the promotional video, the aquarium installation as well as various other scenes rendered out as stills for artwork, social media content and website assets.

Behind the scenes

Blaze is a design and animation studio specialised in producing high-end content for gaming and interactive media projects.

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