Fish Hunter

One of of our most recent projects in collaboration with Amazing Gaming involved the creation and development of a promotional video The objective was to re embellish the Fish Hunter brand with a new look and feel and to enrich the brand by developing new rich media content for promotional purposes. The project involved the design of new characters, creating an interesting captivating story and producing a forty second animation set in a coral reef. The animation will be released during the gaming conference at ICE in London on the 6th February, 2018. The animation spectacular may also be experienced at the Amazing Gaming stand where a large Aquarium is being simulated over a matrix of hundred LED Modules in the form of a cube. We hope that you enjoy the animation as much as we did developing it.

ClientClient NameServicesCharacter Design, Character Animation, Product Branding, Casino BrandingYear2018

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Explore some underwater scenes from Fish Hunter

The Making

Building & Rigging the fish

From concept to 3D modelling, texturing, lighting, rigging and animation, each fish was built and rigged individually to be maneuvered in line with its typical behaviour of its corresponding species. To further enhance the cartoon and stylised feel we wanted to achieve, the build was designed to have a high level of control over exaggerated movements and extended elasticity of the model. Similarly, a complex rig was also applied to the facial structure of each fish to preserve full control of personified expressions. The build of each model and environment was then used for various scenes in the promotional video, the aquarium installation as well as various other scenes rendered out as stills for artwork, social media content and website assets.

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