Creative & Technical Process

Undoubtedly you already have your in-house design team and you most probably can handle all the development and graphical material but what about your marketing collateral? Oops, my resolution isn't high enough! Does that sound familiar?

This is where we can come in. Let us help you build all the high resolution material be it still or in motion. We will replicate your hero characters and your spectacular scenes in high resolution so that it can be utilised for your marketing purposes. You may also need a full HD trailer. Once we build it, the ideas are endless. Speak with us if you're in the iGaming business because we can truly help. We can also assist with the design and development of your iGaming assets such as game plates, elements, icons, UI and much more. The even greater thing is that we are probably round the corner from you so communication can be well, face to face really!

  • - Concept Creation
  • - Direction
  • - Cinematic Production
  • - Trailer Production
  • - GUI Design
  • - 3D Modeling
  • - 2D Illustrations
  • - Game Dressing
  • - looping Animations