Methode Technology Hall

Creative & Technical Process

Who said presentations should be limited to boring Power Point? Your company deserves better and our mixed skill-set in both film and animation are the perfect combination for your next corporate presentation.

We believe that your marketing collateral is the most important asset to your brand. The look, the feel, the message and the way it all comes together can be more interesting and effective than you might think. With years of experience in corporate and digital presentations, we can assure you that we will elevate your brand and take it to another dimension. Send us your brief and we will more than happy to share our ideas on your next project.

  • - Concept Creation
  • - Storyboarding
  • - Illustrations
  • - 3D Modeling
  • - UV Mapping
  • - Texturing
  • - Rigging
  • - Lighting
  • - Animation
  • - Motion Graphics
  • - Camera Shots
  • - Rendering
  • - Compositing
  • - Coloring
  • - Voice Recording
  • - Editing

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