Hi, we are Blaze Animation. We have a passion for audiovisual storytelling and we love what we do! From Live Action and Character Animation to complex Visual Effects, we use different media to help you tell your story and drive real results.


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The Golden Ark

She's rough, she's tough and everything about here is pure gold. Get ready for some action in this jam-packed game. We're sure she'll win you over.

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Lord of the Ocean

The force of the waves, the keeper of vitality and the mystery of the underworld is characterised by the the lord of the lost nation. Where are you?

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The race is on and you better be armed with the best technology that exists. Keep your competitor's wanting more but share your secret and don't hide it.

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Nubes Short Movie

It's new, it's the Nubes! Born as an experiment and destined to live as a pure thoroughbred.